Johannesburg – He holds two calabashes in his hands while s.ex workers queue outside his room to be healed of what some of them call an addiction.



And thanks to Sibusiso Mokoena (37) from Yeoville, in Johannesburg, many prostitutes claimed they have turned over a new leaf.

Sibusiso told Daily Sun: “Yeoville is one of those places where there are a quite a few s.ex workers.

“I give them muthi that suppresses their sexual desires so they can live positive lives

Sibusiso claimed he got the gift of healing from his ancestors and he was following in his father’s footsteps.

“My father Elias is 82 and he doesn’t do a lot of healing anymore but he always gives me advice,” he said.

Sibusiso claimed s.ex workers have been visiting him since he first helped one of them in 2012.

A former prostitute from Zimbabwe, said she ended up selling her body because she couldn’t get a job after coming to Mzansi from Zimbabwe in 2005.

“I hated prostitution but I had no other way to survive in a foreign land,” said Maria, who now sells cigarettes, fruit and vegetables in the Johannesburg CBD.

Tshego Madupe (35) also claimed after Sibusiso helped her with medicine, she stopped being a s.ex worker and started helping her friend at a salon.

Another 28-year-old woman said she went to Sibusiso after hearing about him last year.

“I wanted to stop but it was difficult. He gave me muthi (medicine) to bath with and drink and I have not been on the street.

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