Photos of a preacher delivering a sermon while literally riding of the backs of a section of his congregation have received widespread criticism on social media.

In some of these images, the preacher is seen standing on the backs of three people who are kneeling on all fours as he delivers his sermon.




There is also an image showing the “man of God” taking a piggyback ride on the back of yet another congregant while delivering the sermon to an attentive congregation that includes children.

According to media reports, the preacher claims it is not in order for him to deliver the sermon “while standing on the ground”.

This is the latest incident in a series of bizarre behaviour and extravagant lifestyles of African men of the cloth.

In July last year, Pastor Penuel Mnguni ordered members of his congregation to eat live snakes, were widely circulated on social media.

The pastor was also said to be known for stomping on his congregation as well as making them strip naked as part of his healing method

A few weeks later, enraged residents of Pretoria burned down the church following the reports.

Early last month, another pastor from Malawian, only known as “Prophet Shepherd Bushiri”, took to social media to flaunt his newly-acquired jet estimated to cost 1.5 billion rands.

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