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RESIDENTS say that between midnight and 3am, a big baboon wearing a white hat walks through the streets.

The beast even gets into fights with dogs in Marikana in Lindelani, Ekurhuleni when they chase it. Dog owner Sthembile Shelembe told the media that she woke up two weeks ago to find her dog’s face swollen and covered in blood.


“It was limping and its eye was hurt. Since the incident the dog has been traumatised and has not been barking as much as it used to. It used to protect us, especially at night,” said Sthembile.

Community leader Lina Makena said the baboon usually passed by her shack after midnight. “Some people claim to have seen it wearing a white hat. I also want to see it but I’m scared,” she said.

Dina Mkhize said she saw the baboon when she got up early one morning to go to work. “I was walking to get the train when I saw the baboon crossing the road and wearing a white hat. I was very scared. I didn’t expect to come across a thing like that,” she said. “I’m not the only person who has seen this baboon. I heard several other people saying they had also seen it.”

Another community leader, Jan Mthimuye, said people were scared to go out at night. John Dlamini said he bumped into the baboon on his way home from the tavern one Friday night. “I ran for my life until I got to my shack and locked myself inside,” he said.

A resident who breeds chickens said he found three of his chickens dead one morning. His neighbour’s dogs had been barking the previous night


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