WHEN Landi Bengwa’s family took him to the hospital, they hoped his life would be saved.

But instead the severely injured 56-year-old disappeared with nurses – and even CCTV at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto was not able to shed any light on where he had gone.


Six days later, Landi was found dead in a drain in the hospital precinct



According to family members, his body had already started decomposing.

His sister, Nomvuyo Bengwane, told Daily Sunthe family needed to know how her bedridden brother got from a hospital stretcher to the drain.

Landi, from Thula Mtwana near Orange Farm, was taken to hospital on 17 February after sustaining severe head injuries in a street fight. His family said he was repeatedly hit on the head with a stone. “We had to leave before his injuries were assessed because it was getting late and we were using public transport,” said Nomvuyo.

She said when she returned to the hospital the next morning she was surprised to find her brother missing. A search was conducted and CCTV footage was checked, but there was no trace of Landi.

On 23 February the family received a call from the hospital’s management saying Landi’s body was found in a bad state.

Landi’s mum, Elizabeth Bengwane (76) said Landi was not a troublemaker.

“He loved eating and making jokes with the family,” she said. An inquest docket was opened by the Diepkloof police.

Gauteng health department spokesman Steve Mabona confirmed that Landi was found dead in the hospital precinct.

“Police and the hospital are investigating the circumstances around his death,” he said.

“We regret that a patient at our facility died under such circumstances and we apologise to the family


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