Okay. She is not really my daughter by blood, but she is my adopted step-daughter. I have been there since day one when she was born, literally. I have the honor of being listed on her birth certificate as the “attending physician.” You see, when her mother started going into labor, she called 10111. At the time I was a young fireman/paramedic and responded to the call. We rushed her mother to the hospital, and with less than 4 blocks to go, she gave birth to a baby girl in the back of the ambulance. Her mother named her Kayla. About a week later, I stopped by to drop off some presents the guys at the firehouse got her, and to ask her mother to drop by the station for a picture with the newspaper, and the unveiling of the pink stork decal on the side of the ambulance.

From that day on, I saw Kayla every day. Her mother and I started dating, and eventually we married. By that time, I was so in love with the both of them that when her mother asked me to marry her; I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Her mother was two years older than me. We went to the same high school, so I knew of her, but we never hung out. I was a shy, nerdy, band geek, and she played sports and was a varsity football cheerleader. After she graduated she became a heavy partier; always drunk, always high, always had her legs spread. Alcohol, drugs, and s3x with guys and girls was her life. She doesn’t remember most of it. She had no idea who Kayla’s dad was. After I graduated high school I attended college, got a bachelor degree in fire science and able to land a modest paying firefighter/paramedic job. Since I was nerdy, and a band geek, my experiences with women were non-existent. I wasn’t a virgin when I got married though. Kayla’s mom took my virgi-nity after our third date…………..



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