OMG!!! Man shoves ‘poop’ in police officer’s mouth to evade arrest. ‘Do all it takes to escape’ was a sentiment probably lingering in the mind of a Cape Town man while being transported in a police vehicle.

Realising that he will probably serve a long time in prison, the man decided to turn things around and actually ‘serve’ the police officer transporting him with a handful of faeces.


According to News24, the incident happened in rush hour traffic in the popular Cape Town street, Spin.

The officer was witnessed climbing out of a moving police vehicle shouting in Afrikaans: “Hy het op sy hand gekak en dit in my mond gedruk!” which translates to “He defecated onto his hand and pushed it in my mouth”.

The News24 sources said that an uncuffed man later climbed out of the vehicle “and looked around wildly before running in the direction of Adderley Street”.

It was not clear whether the man was rearrest or not.

It was also reported that the use of faeces to escape arrest was a usual act in the city and that it is a real concern.

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