Parents were surprised when their children were found splashed with blood taken from an old mortuary.

Six children aged six to 10 found the blood in specimen bottles stored in the building at Klipgat, near Mabopane, Tshwane.


Parents said the children forced their way into the building but it had no gate or guards.

The children were found playing with blood from bottles they broke open.

blood samples

The blood bottles with name tags were stored there after being collected from doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Now the children’s parents are angry with the mortuary owner, saying he promised to take their children to a doctor but took them to a clinic.

A 33-year-old parent said: “The police told us that they can’t help us as we don’t have a case against the man.

“Nurses at the local clinic who examined our kids told us that if they don’t have cuts they won’t be infected.”

Another parent, aged 43, said: “How can they tell us we don’t have a case when he put their lives in danger through his negligence.”

– Mortuary owner Johannes Moeketsi stressed that the children had forced their way into the building.

“Blood samples are kept in the building after being collected and sent to Olifantsfontein on Mondays, where they are destroyed as medical waste,” he said.

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