There was mayhem in Randburg, South Africa, last Sunday after a woman got demon possessed and undressed in church before running into the streets and fighting man.

Events leading to the ghastly  sight suggest that the woman, who happens to be the resident pastor’s wife, had the devil manifest in her during preach. The church, Holy Ghost Revival Ministries, is said to be embroiled in controversy over misuse of funds.


On the day in question, eye witnesses report that the pastor’s wife, Mrs Ngonzo was acting strangely before the service started and she was asked if everything was okay of which she replied saying she was fine. When the service started, all those in attendance got the shock of their lives when Mrs Ngonzo suddenly screamed and started undressing. “We could not believe it” a congregant said. “It was like a scene from a twisted po_rn script”

The wife is reported to have ran outside the church and when strong men tried to subdue her, she beat the up. “She was possessed and had so much power she beat us all” said another eye witness who had a swollen eye after one of rs Ngonzo’s brutal jabs got him.

The possessed woman eventually subdued and when she regained her senses, she was shocked to find herself na_ked. Other respected women covered her with clothing and whisked her away.

When asked for comment, Mr Ngonzo had this to say : “My wife, who is a pastor, an evangelist, a church interpreter and women leader, fought with nine persons in a day on our street, wearing only bra and underpants. “She is a shameless street fighter,’’ he said.

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