When we first met the Gumede family they were very comfortable in their homestead. Life was simple on the one hand, but also very complicated on the other.

In the second season, the Gumedes are forced to leave their homestead in search of a fresh start after Lucky and Ronald escape from jail. As the new man of the house, Big Boy buys his family a house in Soweto.


gold diggersIt looks like things could be looking up for the Gumedes. Many people dream of leaving the homesteads for the education and employment opportunities in Soweto. But township life also has its challenges, and it could be harder for some family members to adjust than others.

Will the Gumedes thrive in this new environment or is this a bad move which will see them torn apart?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Gold Diggers season 2 premieres on Monday, 5 September at 8PM.

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