A North West businessman who brutally assaulted a boy and got away with just a R300 fine by a local court could soon be back in the dock.

On Wednesday Sowetan reported about the plight of a 14-year-old who was stripped naked, tied to a coffee table and severely assaulted in full view of his friends by a local businessman in Itsoseng, Lichtenburg, for allegedly stealing a PlayStation console.


The Ditsobotla Magistrate’s Court freed the businessman on a R300 fine last Thursday after he had pleaded guilty.

But the family of the boy – who is now struggling to urinate and is bunking school – has cried foul over the handling of the case.

The video showing the whole incident in September 2014 has since gone viral and could become crucial evidence in the case.



child-beaten1It had not been considered when the case went to court.

Those who helped the businessman beat up the boy could also face charges.

This after the National Prosecuting Authority in the province ordered the control prosecutor at the Ditsobotla Magistrate’s Court to provide the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) with the relevant police docket and a full report regarding the procedure followed when issuing the fine.

NPA spokesman Frank Lesenyego said the DPP would take a decision on the next course of action after receiving all the information.

“Consideration will be given to what’s in the docket and the procedure that was used to come to that decision,” Lesenyego said.

He said the DPP was going to carefully consider all the facts in the video and make a decision on what should be done.

In the video, seen by Sowetan, there were people who helped the businessman to assault the boy.

“We need to separate the two powers of the police investigation and the prosecution,” Lesenyego said.

“If they say the video is legitimate, the people who we see helping the man in that video could also be charged.

“We are going to consider all the information available to us,” Lesenyego said.

Meanwhile, the family of the boy said they want the case to run its full course.

They are also thinking of taking civil action for compensation while the businessman is tried for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

They believe that the compensation will ensure that the boy finds closure as well as take care of his medical and educational needs.

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