No more One Night Stands for Kenny Kunene – Did he find the one? The man used to have enough hoooot chicks to fill up a BUS! But 2015 seems to have changed controversial businessman Kenny “Sushi King” Kunene (44), as he’s apparently sticking to one girl – a Bencane.

The Bencane, who is allegedly sticking to Kenny like glue, is the vivacious Whitney Mathopa (21).


Friends close to the two claimed the Sushi King is serious about Whitney – and that they weren’t shy when they were spotted together for the first time in public at the Durban July last week.

Whitney Mathopa and Kenny Kunene
Whitney Mathopa and Kenny Kunene

Sunday Sun has also learnt that he has given her a promise ring.

According to friends, Whitney is a student at the Midrand Graduate Institute.

“Whitney has been dating Kenny secretly for two years and they seem to be in love and she’s wearing his promise ring and it seems they’re taking this relationship to another level,” said a friend.

“I think the girl is in love, but who are we to judge? Young boys our age are still immature.

“The girl is from Klerksdorp in the North West. He treats her well and she’s a princess and hot, by the way.”

Another friend said: “Many people talk behind Kenny’s back, but Whitney is lucky. I’ve never seen Kenny so close to someone.

“We’re used to Kenny having one-night stands. I’m happy for him. He’s not a bad boy any more but a man who’s enjoying his life.”

Kenny spent time at Ballito Beach, along the North Coast, and posted pictures on Instagram, saying he loves his “friend for life”.

He’s even using a photo of himself and Whitney in Durban as a profile picture for his Instagram account.

The picture is captioned: Ballito Durban morning. Ready for Jozi now . . . good morning.

His followers commented: Lerato: Marato feela.

And Kenny responded by saying: Vele.

This week, a cagey Kenny said: “No comment. I can’t help you.”

Yesterday Whitney also refused to comment.

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