Natasha appreciates all the love she gets from the public, but admits it creeps her out.

Saints and Sinnersactress Natasha Thahane, who is also famously known for her role as Enhle on SABC 1’sSkeem Saam, mentioned in a recent interview with ZAlebs that the attention she gets from the public is great, but sometimes it can be very creepy.


Natasha told ZAlebs what creeps her out the most is the fake fan pages people create of her:

“The attention I get from the public is quite cool, yet creepy at times because I’ve got so many fake fan pages and these people are like really being Natasha.

“They don’t even put a disclaimer to say that this is not an official Natasha account but they’re actually acting as though they’re Natasha. They’re also saying bad things about other celebrities on those accounts and it really just creeps me out.

“But like I said the love’s amazing, I once had the pleasure of taking one fan of mine to the zoo. I also get those sweet e-mails as well, so it’s been great and overwhelming at the same time,” she said.

So if you’re one of the culprits who have created a fake Natasha fan page on social media, please stop. The poor girl thinks it’s way too creepy for her.

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