PALESA Moatlhodi (22) employed a child minder to look after her three-year-old daughter when she went to work, and trusted the woman with her child’s safety.

But when she came home on 29 March, her three-year-old daughter wouldn’t stop crying.


To her horror she found her little one’s lower back was bruised – and then the nanny told her she beat the child to get her out of nappies!

Palesa, from Dobsonville, Soweto said she’s still angry about what the woman did to her daughter.

She said the maid used a stick to beat her daughter.

“When I saw the bruises on her back I confronted the nanny who confirmed that she beaten the child to train her not to use nappies.

“She didn’t even apologise.

“I went to the police station on 31 March to lay charges against her, and she was arrested the same day and locked up,” said Palesa.

She said neighbours in the yard asked her to drop the case so that they could live peacefully but she refused and left the place to live in Meadowlands.

“I want the woman to get a severe punishment.

“My daughter endured terrible pain at her hands.

“Child abuse is a crime. She should be in jail for what she did,” said Palesa.

She said she left the place in Dobsonville because she couldn’t face the woman who abused her daughter.

“The mastandi and other people insisted that I drop the case against her, but I wouldn’t.”

Dobsonville police spokesman Captain Hector Netshivoda confirmed that a case of assault was opened at the station.

Netshivoda said the suspect was arrested but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence.

He said the complainant was welcome to speak to the detective handling the case if she wanted more information.

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