Nandi Madida has always chosen to keep her private life out of the tabloids. And after the popular musician and TV personality recently fell pregnant with her first child, she was determined to keep it private until she could no longer hide it

It’s been just under two weeks since Nandi announced her pregnancy to the world on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


Within hours of her flashing her pregnant belly to the nation, Nandi and her hubby Zakes Bantwini had issued a statement calling for fans and the media to respect their privacy as they prepare to welcome their child.

nandi NgomaBut sitting down with TMG Entertainment recently at the Coke Studio launch in Johannesburg, Nandi couldn’t help but talk excitedly about her pregnancy and the blessing it has been to her.

“The only thing that has been difficult (about working while pregnant) has been to hide the bump. On Coke Studio (where she is a host) we had to keep playing with the angles to hide it. That’s been me the whole year,” she laughs.

She says that she hopes her pregnancy will inspire other women to continue to reach for their dreams.

“It’s been such a fantastic year and I hope that my journey inspires other moms to know that they can also fulfil their dreams while expecting – and I will do the same even when I have this little bundle of joy with me,” she says.

Nandi says that the pair have already learnt the sex of their unborn child but the star is shy to spill the beans.

“I will never say but I do know what we’re having and I have to tell you that it is the sex that I wanted. So we, me and my husband, are both so excited,” she says.

She described her pregnancy so far as a “sacred” experience and said that it felt good to announce it on her own terms.

“Whether you are a famous person or not, it’s important to keep something for yourself. We had so many precious moments that we’ve kept to ourselves before we made the announcement and it’s been such an amazing experience so far,” she adds.

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