(I was 21 by then) But this time I got kind of a tingly feeling as he twirled my hair around. I think he knew because he gave me that look like “are you gonna pay me back?” so I reached down my dad’s boxers and grabbed his m­anhood … you know. We pleasured each other hence we did not have s­_ex that day. After some few days things got worse and a bit awkward between me and my father obviously. Whenever I stared my eyes on him i could find myself turned red and he looked away.



A week later my father told me that he loved me and that he want me to be his wife and I never thought this was abnormal since he just got divorced and my mom committed suicide and he was lonely. So I kissed him, which was a very huge mistake because one thing led to another and we had unprotected s­_ex. I got pregnant to my girl and she is a happy kid and I thank God because my father passed away after I caught him trying to rape my daughter when she was 2 years.


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