TV personality, actress and fashionista Boity Thulo celebrated the official launch of her range of clothing in collaboration with Sissyboy recently.

Speaking at the swanky launch party which was held in Johannesburg recently Boity said that she feels completely blessed to have been given this opportunity.


“I feel incredibly blessed and honoured to have been trusted by the brand,” she said.

Boity went on to debunk assumptions that Sissyboy is made for ‘skinny’ women.

boity-thuloIn fact Boity herself admitted that the local fashion brand was previously seen as a brand for “white women” as the clothes did not celebrate African women’s curves.

Well, Boity wants to completely debunk this stereotype with her range. “I know that Sissyboy was seen as a white brand and I wanted to bring in that different taste that I know my followers will like, and made sure that it works for my body. The real body,” Boity said.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment Boity elaborated on the sentiment saying that she definitely isn’t ‘skinny’ and that her range is for women with similar body types.

Boity explained that she had the ‘African curves’ in mind when she was creating her range.

“I wanted to capture authenticity, to create a line that is comfortable and also make sure that there is timelessness. Because I know that I want to buy something that I can wear over and over again,” she explained.

Boity went on to explain that her favourite item of clothing in her range is the Own Your Throne t-shirt.

The fashionista said that she came up with the saying during a difficult time in her life, and when her “real journey” started.

“You have your own throne, you don’t have to fight for someone else’s and you don’t have to look at someone else’s, because you have your own throne. And when I realised that and started embracing that, thats when my true journey started and this is the realest I’ve ever been.

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