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Samkelo Ndlovu: “My heritage is the root of me… where I began before I ever was. I am my forefathers. I am Xhosa and proud. Our customs and traditions anchor me in this modern world where identity is such an ever-changing and liquid concept. Our clothing and food are what I enjoy the most. We pride ourselves in our sense of style and way of dancing; ukuXhentsa. Our women are known to be independent beings and forward thinkers. I still have the smoking pipe my great aunt passed down to me. Our men are known to be gentlemen who finesse through chivalry. I love being Xhosa, and I love being South African. uMampinga, Mawawa, Mntomtwana, Bholokoqoshe, Yem Yem, ahh Mpinga.  @Ponds_SA #HERitage#ponds #HERitageMonth #HERitageDay”



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