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She cooked up a storm in preparation for her in-laws who were on their way to pay lobola. She waited and waited and waited and waited! BUT They never came and neither did her husband-to-be.

With egg on her face Sonto Simelane was forced to eat the food with her family.


Her would-be husband Sabelo Nkabinde (53) only surfaced days later to ask forgiveness.

He never truly told her why he did not go through with the lobola.

This was three years ago, and Sonto (38) from Etwatwa in Ekurhuleni said she decided to forgive and forget as she was trying to build a home with Sabelo.

Sabelo Nkabinde
Sabelo Nkabinde

But on Thursday Sonto reached breaking point.

Sabelo had left the house to go to a local clinic as he had been suffering from a runny tummy.

And when he got back home he found it was a house to let! Sonto had taken everything, from the wardrobe to the fridge, the pots, the television and the blankets.

The only thing left was the worn out carpet on the floor as well a pair of worn out pants.

Angry Sabelo has opened a case of theft against Sonto and is demanding that she brings his things back.

“I don’t know where she is now. She found me with these things and has never contributed a cent,” said Sabelo.

Daily Sun contacted Sonto, who said she left because Sabelo was a cheat and a liar.

She said: “I forgave him for what he did to me but he started sleeping out, leaving me alone in this room. I’m a woman and I had good intentions.

“I was willing to start a family with this man but he just doesn’t want to grow up.

“Now he’s going around dragging my name in the mud and not telling the truth. He knows why I left.”

Sabelo claims the reason he did not pay lobola for her was because she drinks too much. “I told her I won’t marry her until she stops her drinking,” Sabelo said.

A case of theft has been opened at Etwatwa Police Station.

-Daily Sun


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