LINDIWE Maseko (49) says since she came to Joburg in 1987 her life has been difficult.

But then her mum died and Lindiwe suffered burn wounds when she was cooking. Now the worried woman from Katlehong, Ekurhuleni believes it’s her dead mum who is punishing her from the grave.


She said her mum started appearing in her dreams when she was in hospital with severe burn wounds, telling her to perform rituals for her ancestor.

However, Lindiwe ignored her mum’s requests and tried to move on with her life. But she said her angry mum wouldn’t take no for an answer to her request for a chicken and traditional beer.

Lindiwe said since her mum died in 2001 she has been burnt three times.

“I was preparing porridge when it spilt and burnt me. At first I thought it was just an accident. I ignored it and moved on with life and I was healed.

“A year later I was cooking eggs when I stepped on the stove cable and burned my leg.” She said that she also can’t find a place to settle down as each mastandi chases her away. I’ve changed places five times since the beginning of the year.”

She said she once felt her problems were too great and set herself on fire, pouring paraffin over herself.

“But my husband, who has since died, rescued me,” she said.

Her neighbour Lindiwe Zwane said she could see that Lindiwe was suffering.

“She needs help,” said Lindiwe.

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