Even if you’re not thinking about them in the heat of the moment, you probably know that different sex positions exist and roughly how many you typically use with your bedroom partners. You probably have a few favorites that, for one reason or another, really do it for you. But have you ever thought about which sex positions she likes the most?

This year, Cam4, an international live sex website, released the results of their first ever Year of the Female Orgasm Sex Survey. The results uncovered many intriguing insights, including the encouraging fact that the majority — 94% — of women have had an orgasm in their lifetime.


While this is all very positive, the study also revealed that 70% of American women and 69% of Canadian women achieve their orgasms through masturbation, while 71% of American women and 63% of Canadian women achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. This really isn’t much of a discrepancy, which almost suggests that women don’t really need men to get off.

To help bend these stats in our favor,  I decided it would be beneficial to reach out to some women and determine the sexual positions they like most. These were their responses.



Some Women Prefer To Be Dominated

“My favorite is always doggy-style. I love being dominated that way, getting my hair pulled and being slammed against the wall. It feels amazing and it’s very sexy. It’s all about the domination.”

– Kat, 27



Some Women Like To Be In Control

“One of my favorite sexual positions is being on top because it makes me feel powerful and sexy. I love it even more when he places his hands on my hips or my behind as he guides me. As a bigger girl, I didn’t think that position was an option for me; I was concerned with squashing my partner. But he talked to me and helped me feel comfortable with trying the position, assuring me that he wouldn’t break.”

– Shannon, 30



Some Women Want To Go Vertical

“I like being taken from behind while standing. It’s incredibly hot making out with my boyfriend and having him spin me around and push me up against the wall and have sex with me right then and there. It’s also great for stimulating the G-spot, and with enough of an angle, he can reach around and stimulate my clitoris as well. Guaranteed orgasm for all the above reasons.”

– Brandy, 24



Some Women Want To Be Spanked

“Doggy-style because I love getting my ass slapped, both by his hips as he penetrates me, and by his hands.”

– Megan, 23



Some Women Just Want To Do Their Thing

“I like being on top because that way I can do what I like and what works for me. Regardless, he won’t be complaining!”

– Sarah, 26

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