Men are turned on visually and women are turned on mentally, you know this… you’ve heard me talk about it before. So why aren’t you feeding her what she wants?
Use sexual innuendos – When you’re having a normal conversation with her, drop in a few sexual innuendos. Not only do women love them, they will always lead her to think about you sexually all day long.
Whisper dirty words – Be open with your lady, tell her what you want to do to her later on and how much she’s turning you on right now. Go up behind her, put your arms around her waist and whisper some dirty words, nothing too vulgar, but enough to turn her on.

sex beastShow her who the daddy is – When you’re aroused, take her hand and place it on your cock. Then say “See what you do to me?     You already know that foreplay is essential before you go full whammy and penetrate her. So learn some foreplay tips and use them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU BANG. Here’s a few to get you started.
Take it slow – Women are like a dimmer switch, you warm them up before they get all hot and ready for action. So take her clothes off slowly, caress her body and kiss her all over for around 15 minutes before moving down to her pussy
Rub the magic bobble – Take about 5 minutes and just rub her cl8t, in an up and down motion with l8be on your finger. Nice and slow, nothing too fast
Licky licky – Then move onto licking her cl8t and changing up the movements and the speed, based on what she is telling you through body language and groaning.After she’s all warmed up, you now need to go for the big time and use various s8xual positions to hit the 8-spot.
Now there are 9 types of female orgasms that she can have so try and hit at least 2 of them during the next session.Another quick tip to remember… when she’s org7sming, don’t stop! Keep going, harder and faster until she’s out of juice… don’t worry she’ll tell you when.So there you have it dude, that’s how to increase her sex drive and sexual desire. This will have her begging you to take her into the bedroom, providing you follow everything above.Good luck!

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