FNB Complained to National Consumer Commission about MMM

Woooooow, this person isn’t a mavrian but the way they speak about MMM, like a true guider. Something to look ponder on so now FNB complained and National Consumer
commission is investigating. Even the hawks are involved. According to me FNB is a service
provider not a consumer. All consumers using MMM are happy. My question is who are the
consumer commission protecting? The consumers or the service providers?


FNB is feeling the competition with MMM as their loan applications declined and people making more money through MMM. The government is also losing because they cannot tax people who are making money through MMM. So they wanna declare it an illegal scheme until they get a means of taxing people.

Why does the Consumer commission unit not protecting us against e-tolls, loans sharks, cash loans (making 30%interest in a month), Nkandla organised pyramid scheme, ever increasing eskom tariffs, crazy phone call costs, crazy traffic fines and forever increasing sms
marketing from people we don’t know, the list is more.

I am not on MMM but as a person who is always interested in other things, let me tell you the secret. Our government is only interested in Tax. MMM is one of the scheme where people make money without paying tax and they are untraceable. MMM will cripple the banks because most people no longer go for loans but help each other. The banks are losing, the government is losing. Hence FNB complained.

So the only way is to put fear into people. That is done through media. Media did not even do
their research because the scheme is still operating. This is just a propaganda through media and our government. Ask yourself, why IFA was not investigated? Maybe people were not making money. Why the “buy a car at R699 scheme was not investigated? Maybe people were not making money

Why cash loans which asks for similar 30% interest per month are not investigated? Maybe
people are not making money. Why is MMM is being investigated? Maybe because people are making money. Our government never liked us and it does not want to see people being debt free and on financial freedom. In South Africa, Not yet Uhuru.

Long walk to freedom continues

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