Mshoza has once again lifted the lid on her relationship with businesman Thuthukani “Thuthu” Mvula, calling him “a very difficult man”.

In a recent interview on CliffCentral, the singer spoke about the difficulties that she sometimes faces balancing being a mom and supportive partner.


In a discussion on the issue, she responded:”Being a woman to Thuthukani. I have a very difficult man. I am a mother and having to put that all together.”

MshozaShe says that it is a struggle to put on a “happy face” in public while having to deal with her own troubles.

“I’m just a human being going through whatever people go through but when you go out there you have to look happy and act strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at you by the media,” she said.

She credits her mom and the late musician Lebo Mathosa for helping her stay strong in the industry.

“She (Lebo) was one person that would always say…’go hustle, go work, never give up’. She would say, ‘go knock on doors, get a deal, do something. Don’t give up.’ Those are the people that make me strong. Those are the two woman who I will always cherish,” she said.

Mshoza’s romance once again hit the headlines last week with reports from the Citizen claiming that her and Thuthukani would soon be getting married.

And even though her spokesperson has denied this to TMG Entertainment, Mshoza said that any decision she makes in life going forward will need to be made with her children’s best interests in mind.

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