There was drama on Friday afternoon after a Mpumalanga woman,Rachel Mokoena was left with no option but to leak the selfie and expose the man who usually pays her for her services.It was reported that the blesser, popularly known as Mr Stevens had travelled all the way from Capetown and had nice time with his lover,Ms Rachel.

It is believed after 6 rounds of sex,Mr Stevens informed his blessee,Ms Mokoena that he is no longer paying for the services because her punani was no longer tight as it used to be,he claimed he doesn’t pay for a loose punani.He also added that he can’t waste his fuel all the way from Capetown to come and eat a loose punani.He compared Racheal’s punani to a bucket before he slapped her.


blesserThis did not go down well with Ms Mokoena who then decided to expose the cheating husband.

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