BEFORE he died, inyanga Phumzile “Nolokhwe” Manekwana instructed his wife to put his dolls back where they belong, and that is exactly what the dutiful widow is doing.

When Nolokhwe died in August, the dolls were taken away. It was said the mourning dolls couldn’t deal with the crying people.


Siyolise Manekwana, the inyanga’s 35-year-old widow from Motherwell, Eastern Cape, toldDaily Sun that her father-in-law hid the dolls in a private room.

“I was supposed to put them back on the walls and the roof because they are the security guards of the house,” she said.

“The children were supposed to help me, but I was afraid they might fall into the well under the house.”


widow“But in January, I fell sick and I was always tired. I could not even clean my house. Then I started having bad dreams,” she said.

“My husband’s ancestors ordered me to put the dolls back where they belong. But I ignored them and I became even more sick.”

But when her husband started haunting her in her dreams, she knew she had to do something.

“In February, I brewed umqombothi and took the dolls back where they belong,” she said.

“So far, they have been good and I am healed. I plan to brew umqombothi for the dolls, as my husband used to do that for them.

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