Minnie Dlamini on Tuesday morning enjoyed a very light-hearted interview on Jacaranda FM’s Complimentary Breakfast, talking all things butts.

The TV personality was called in by the Complimentary Breakfast team to assist them with their Best Butt competition, where a listener stood the chance to win a whopping R10,000 by just posting their butt pictures in a pair of good fitting jeans.


Minnie Dlamini joined in on the fun and also posted her own behind for the Best Butt competition.

One of the interesting facts about herself (besides the butt) was that she knows how to change her own car’s tyres and that being girly is actually just for TV.

“My dad taught me when I was younger, he was like ‘You don’t ever need to call a man, you can do it yourself’. I’m also actually really, really good at braaing meat. I grew up as a tomboy, I only have brothers. So I grew up doing a lot of sport and doing a lot of guy things, so I like being active and being outdoors, the girly thing is what I do for TV. I’m just a regular girl.”

minnie butt

Minnie had the opportunity to judge and check out many of your butts (that’s if you entered) and let’s just say she was quite impressed by some of the butts that were posted in the competition.

“There’s one guy who’s wearing Armani jeans, uhm…I’m kind of disturbed at how big his butt is. I feel like he’s been doing his squats maybe a little too much,” she jokingly said during the interview.


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