Those who have been through heartbreak will tell you that it is one of the worst feelings ever. Right?

Minnie Dlamini has also been there. Obviously.


The TV personality, who was featured on Zaziwa on Thursday evening, was asked to describe heartbreak. She told Pearl Modiadie: “The most excrutiating pain known to man after death.”

When asked to describe love, she said: “Love, the most amazing experience known to man. Period.”

Oh, and there was another interesting question. Minnie was asked if she would ever do a nude photoshoot to raise money for charity. “No,” she said, adding that she’s not judging who’s done that.

“Each to their own. I just like to keep things to a certain level. My dad is still alive, he would kill me.” She jokingly mentioned that she’d have to get paid a lot of money to do such photoshoots.

“I’ve been approached many times to do it, it’s just not in my nature, not my character,” Minnie added.

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