Minnie Dlamini has joined the contouring trend. Yes, this is a thing, guys.

The TV presenter, who has been very busy of late, shared a picture of her face on Instagram, with the caption: “On my way to Pretoria for work my DIY Contouring in the car. It’s #KeYonatime @Nedbank.”


Minnie (1) BEFORE

Before you go into panic mode, please relax. This is what her face is supposed to look like, before she gets done, of course.

Fans flooded her Instagram comments section. One wrote: “The eyebrows don’t seem to be aligned with each? This is ghostly.” Another one said: “Let’s be honest thou.. You never looked uglier tho.. contouring or not.. ngathi labo mama beCalamine #Naturalorbust #awwngekesbali.”

So what is contouring? According to an article on Teen Vogue, “contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through make-up.”

minnie D (1) AFTER

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