THESE friends have discovered they have a strong link – they both have their top front teeth missing.

Thembinkosi Brandy (33) and Lulama Damane (30) regard themselves as sexy, charming, and attractive despite the fact that they are missing some teeth.


Thembinkosi told Daily Sun: “I lost my teeth in 2006. My sister’s boyfriend saw me standing next to her outside a tavern one night. He moered me without asking questions. My sister explained that I was not her boyfriend and he apologised but I was already bleeding.”

He said he liked his gap.

“The only thing I struggle with is to pronounce words that start with V.”

His friend, Lulama, said he lost his top teeth while playing rugby in 2014. “A player tackled me and I collapsed. Most of my top teeth were bent and I had to go to the clinic to remove them.”

He said the incident was a blessing in disguise.

“My top teeth had been aching terribly before, especially when I drank cold drinks. So I was glad when they were knocked out by the rugby player. Today ladies find me attractive and many men get jealous when they see me around them.”

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