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Metro FM Host DJ Mo Flava Attacks “USELESS” COPS on Social Media in his breakfast show on Wednesday for their alleged bad service.

Mo Flava was fuming after going to the Rosebank cop shop on Tuesday with all the documents needed to report a stolen cellphone.


He claimed the constable attending to him started yelling and even threatened to arrest him!

The next day he took to Twitter and the airwaves to express his disappointment.

DJ mo flava

Mo Flava – whose real name is Moeti Tsiki – told Daily Sun : “The police officer asked how the phone was stolen. I told him it was in my pocket and the next thing it wasn’t. Then he started shouting at me and calling me a liar.”

The officer allegedly also threatened to arrest him when he told the cop that what he was doing was “nonsense”.

His attempts to file a complaint were only successful when he took to social media.  “The station commander was in a meeting all day. I couldn’t get hold of Ipid.

“But I finally got a message on Twitter from Lieutenant-Colonel Solomon Makgale who said he would call me in the morning, and he did.

“He told me to go back to the cop shop to lay a formal complaint and open a case reporting my lost cellphone,” said Mo Flava.

Police spokeswoman Katlego Mogale said:  “When opening a case for a stolen cellphone, first inform your network provider and get a reference number. This will blacklist the stolen phone.

“No police officer could refuse to open a case for a person if they had followed that procedure.”


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