Mduduzi Mabaso has revealed just how much getting married has changed him for the better.

The Rhythm City actor admitted that his life has never been the same‚ ever since he exchanged his vows with his wife‚ Fatima‚ adding that he was not actively looking for a partner when she came along.


“I was not looking‚ but she got me weak in the knees and I fell for her‚” he told Move!

According to the local publication‚ the two met on the set of Zone 14 during the filming of the second season in 2007.




A couple years later‚ they got married and are still going strong.

“Marriage has changed me so much that older people think that I’m older because of how I relate to them now‚” he revealed.

“My heart is open and at ease. I am so comfortable with her

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