They were supposed to go to the camp to prepare for their end of year matric exams. But it appears preparing for a life of fun was more important for some girls, as they allegedly dumped their books and jumped the fence.



Reports of ho-rny teens s-tripping and poking at the Ingwe Lodge matric camp in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal, has an gered the Gauteng Department of Education.

And liquor and drugs found in the possession of the pupils did not improve the situation.

Phumla Sekhonyane, spokeswoman for the Gauteng Department of Education, confirmed that cases of misconduct against some pupils were reported.

“The SGBs of the kids’ schools will have to take disciplinary measures against them,” she said.

“We are still waiting for the detailed report from the director of the camp.”

matrics caught red handed

The pupils at the lodge came from Tharabollo Secondary in Palm Springs and Prestigious Aurete Secondary School in Vanderbijlpark.

But parents blame the Gauteng Education officials for lack of supervision.

“It’s like our children were just taken there and dumped.

It appears the kids had to take care of themselves without supervision,” a parent told Daily Sun.

The senior officials who were at the camp didn’t look after the kids left them by themselves but I don’t expect they will be investigated because there are district officials involved.”

Daily Sun visited the camp last Friday and some matrics confirmed that pupils had stripped and two people were caught having s e x in one of the rooms at the lodge.

“We were told that the pupils were going to be sent home but they are still here,” said one pupil.

Education officials at the camp refused to comment.

- Every year the Gauteng Education Department sends matrics from underperforming schools to attend the Secondary School Improvement Programme. This intervention is held at various camps across the province to help pupils prepare for exams. The programme was launched in 2010.

There are currently about 68 000 grade 12 pupils attending tuition at 164 sites in gateway subjects like maths, science, physical science, life sciences, accounting, geography and accounting.

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