Mangi and Eddie are in trouble when the police find the diamonds Hector planted. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM

Eddie unexpectedly finds himself in an alarming situation and Hector is baffled as to what went down. Lindiwe’s hopes are raised but she finds herself waiting to have them fulfilled. Ndumiso is shocked to discover who his friend’s object of attention is.


Eddie and Mangi are forced to come clean to a superior, but Mangi also has to answer to an ‘angry’ associate. Lindiwe is unaware that she’s being duped and flings herself deeper into trouble. Ndumiso is stunned when he realises that someone is unwittingly stealing another guy’s girl.


A father is berated for the terrible failure of a crazy plan and a wife warns that she may not stand by her man if he tells the truth. Lindiwe is told something which could destroy her, but she opts for denial. Gloria realises that her plan to fix a friend’s relationship has backfired badly.

Mangi tells the truth to save an innocent man and someone else plots a crime to save the same man. Omphile is tempted to come clean, which would land Lindiwe in big trouble. A gift for Ingrid causes both panic and anger.

Mangi is hugely relived to learn that he has been let off the hook, but distressed when he realises that his future is still looking far from rosy. Lindiwe finally has to accept the truth and admits that she made a huge mistake. Stokkies finds himself at the receiving end of some minor violence from someone who is usually placid.

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