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40 year old Tiny Mudau said she didn’t hear any arguing or fighting from the house near hers, but suddenly she heard her friend screaming in pain.

“I went into the house and found my friend in a pool of blood with her hand cut off,” said Tiny.


The woman’s boyfriend had chopped off her hand with a panga!

It happened in Tshilungoma, near Thohoyandou, Limpopo on Sunday.

The man (48) and his girlfriend (40) have allegedly had other lovers although they worked at the same brick factory.

man beaten after he chop off wife's hand When villagers, mostly women, came to find out why the woman was screaming in pain, they beat the man up.

After the woman was taken to hospital the man lay bloodied next to the house. The angry women threatened to attack anyone who tried to take him to hospital. They were shouting that he should be left to die.

Police helped paramedics to put him on a stretcher and carry him to an ambulance.

Tiny said: “I have not eaten since the incident – I am still in shock.

“The couple has been together for about 14 years. I know she respected him a lot.

“He said nothing before chopping off her hand.

“He hid her hand behind the TV, but the paramedics searched the house and found it.

“She is a poor woman who was taking care of her three children. I wonder what will become of her.”

Major Mashudu Malelo said a man was arrested and will appear in court soon on a charge of attempted murder.


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