In normal cases the dead are treated with respect and dignity. But when an alleged thug’s body was found soaked in mud on a soccer field, women danced and rejoiced around it!

The body was found in Tshifura Village in Sibasa, Limpopo on Friday morning.


The victim was allegedly responsible for a number of crimes in Tshifura and neighbouring villages.

He had apparently been caught stealing from a house and was beaten to death by furious residents. News of his death spread fast and soon people had gathered to make sure he was really dead.

After positively identifying the body, residents rejoiced and some even sang songs, saying they would finally be able to sleep with open doors.

man beaten to death

A woman told Daily Sun: “We’re happy he was killed. This means we have one problem less. Criminals in the area have broken into our houses and stolen many items.

“The worst thing is that a woman was killed not far from here. We’ve been living in fear. If criminals die like this it will send a message to others that crime does not pay and they will stop.”

Major Mashudu Malelo said a murder case was opened.

“The body of Matodzi Mawela (35) was found in the village. We are investigating claims by people that he was a known criminal,” he said.

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