WHAT started as a small pimple on his 4-5 has ruined his life. A 42-year-old man from G section of KwaMashu said he first noticed a pimple on his privates in 2013 and decided to go to the hospital after antibiotics failed to make it go away.

After some tests were run at St Augustine’s Hospital, doctors told him he was suffering from penile cancer and his 4-5 had to be removed!


“While I waited for the operation date, the pimple grew into a painful boil and pus came out,” he said.

Last year, he had the operation at the hospital.

“Afterwards, I was happy but there were complications.

“I went back to the hospital and they said a piece of my 4-5 had not been removed and they had to operate again,” said the sad man. These days, his life is terrible as what remains of his 4-5 has become infected while he waits for another operation.

“I don’t feel like a man any more. I can’t have a girlfriend,” he said.

A relative said the man locked himself in his room all day and the family feared he would kill himself.

KZN health department spokesman Sam Mkhwanazi said he couldn’t discuss patients’ medical issues without legally being authorised to do so.

“Without revealing the identity of any particular patient, the department can state a certain patient has been seen by medical professionals on at least 10 occasions. This patient was referred to another facility for further treatment and continues to receive medical attention,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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