Peter Matebulu was mugged of his cellphone two weeks while drinking the wise waters at a shabeen in Tzaneen, Limpopo. The single man did not mind it much because it was a cheap phone anyway. The following day he purchased a new sim card and made the call to his service provider for a sim swap. He was asked the usual ‘security questions’ and he passed with flying colors. The agent told him his old number should be reinstated to him in 2-24 hours. Peter was happy.

Peter’s happiness was short-lived however when he started receiving strange calls and smses. He thought he was dreaming after realizing he was actually receiving messages that where meant for our President. Somehow his service provider had missed up his number with that of Umsholozi’s personal number.



I received a message from a lot of people and some of the messages are top secret’ Peter said. ‘I felt important for a little while’ he adds.

Peter’s ‘importance’ did not last long though because somehow the error was discovered and the number promptly blocked.

It is not known what happened to the messages that he received but locals say it all ended well. ‘Peter got a visit from the local counselor and he has been drinking expensive beer since then’ one neighbor said,’ even the girls have been throwing themselves at him. He even has a new touch screen phone’

Peter could not divulge which network provider made the error.

All is well that is satirical.

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