WOMEN, the Bible might have the answer to your need for a man to be good between the sheets.

If Rastaman Themba Nkosi’s claims are true, you’d better start feeding the man in your life vegetables and getting his hair to grow long like the highveld grass.


That’s because like Samson in the Bible, Themba (38) believes his long hair makes him a supernatural force in bed!

But Themba, from Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, said he does not let anyone – even his wife – touch his two metre long locks.

rasta-manIf they do, he fears he won’t be a Samson in bed anymore!

“My strength lies in my long hair. I get great ideas from it. People want to touch it but I forbid them,” he said.

“My hair gives me strength to perform better in bed – but not even my wife may get close to it.”

To avoid his wife touching his hair while they’re in bed, Themba covers his hair with a doek.

“I can’t imagine life without my hair and that is why I protect it at all costs.”

His hair is so long that it touches the ground as he walks, so he has resorted to tying it up.

“Many people are seeing my hair for the first time today because I usually have it covered.”

It took Themba 15 years to grow his hair and he said he has no intention of cutting it.

The Rastafarian believes that his diet also contributes to his hair growing longer. “I’m strictly vegetarian.”

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