Zimbabwe – A man has kicked out his wife and three children and moved in his favourite lady of the night.

Jabson Museza (38), a caretaker at Danda Secondary School in Zaka took the drastic action when the lady of the night demanded to be his wife.


“I am hurt and do not understand why he did this to me after seven years of marriage. I knew that he was sleeping around because he would not come back home after every pay day.

“One day, he came back after three days with a woman in tow. The woman followed him into our hut and sat on the bed beside my husband. I asked what was going on and he told me that he had decided to marry this woman
and that I was supposed to leave.

“We quarrelled and he started throwing my clothes out of the house telling me to leave the children, pots and blankets for his new wife,” said the wife, Sibongile Muvhinyingwa. The couple has been married for seven years.

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