THE 65-year-old woman knew her boyfriend wanted a lot of s#x and during their time together, she tried to give him all the s#x he wanted.

But on Saturday morning at about 1am, she caught him cheating – with Mary, their pet dog.


The woman from Soshanguve, Tshwane said her lover came home after drinking with friends. She decided to punish him by locking him out.


“I didn’t open the door when he knocked because I told him not to come home late.”

The woman claims she saw him sitting on the stoep and then walking towards the dog kennel, where he opened the gate to let the male dog out.

After a while she decided to open the door for her lover because she thought he might be sleeping in the kennel.

“But I was shocked to find him bonking Mary, the dog,” she claimed.

She claims her lover only noticed she was watching him when she threw a stone at him.

“That was when he fled with his pants down,” she claims.

She then called her lover’s sister, who told her that he had done this before.

“She said their dog at home died because he was bonking it day and night,” claims the angry woman.

“I’m disgusted. How can a man wake up on top of me in the morning and go behind a dog in the dark? He belongs in jail!”

The woman opened a case of bestiality against the man. The man has since disappeared.

Police spokesman Captain Matthews Nkoadi confirmed a case was opened but no arrest has been made.

SPCA Inspector Meshack Matlou took the dog for inspection.


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