ZIMBABWE – A HOOKER arrested for teaming up with two male accomplices to assault and rob a client has denied the charges.
She claimed she assaulted the client for refusing to use a co_ndom.
Nomatter Masamba,28,of 733 Chikanga 1,was remanded out of custody to March 2,BY magistrate Sekai Chiundura.Prosecuting,Christina Mwenga alleged that Masamba assaulted Brian Mukura and forced him to sell his smart phone for $10.
Mukura,according to State papers,was lured to Masamba’s home.She reportedly asked for something decent to wear.He reportedly gave her his short.Later,he followed her to her home to get the short back.He then allegedly asked to sleep for an hour and the pr_ostitute also fell asleep.
magosha in Joburg
The hooker then accompanied him to a nearby Ecocash shop.The duo met the hooker’s two accomplices who then began assaulting him.They then forced him to sell his Huawei smart phone to one of the two men for $10.Mukura alleges that he was force-marched back home where he was assaulted further,before fleeing.

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