While Ayanda Mbewu was at church, cops allegedly forced their way into his room and turned it upside down.

He returned to find the room in a complete mess. And neighbours told him the cops in two police vans were responsible. It didn’t take long before they drove by again and Ayanda went to confront them.


Although they denied breaking into his room, they apparently said they were on their way to raid a tavern and would be back for him.

They then returned to find Ayanda waiting outside and allegedly dragged him into his room and started beating him up.

Ayanda Mbewu
Ayanda Mbewu

The 34-year-old from Mbalenhle, near Secunda in Mpumalanga, said it was like a feeding frenzy when the six cops rained fists and kicks at him on Saturday night.

He said the beating lasted about 30 minutes, while other cops stood guard outside.

“They also covered my head in plastic bags while two of them pressed me down and bound my hands,” he claims.

“They still would not tell me what I had done or what they were looking for. When they finally stopped I was relieved. But then one of them pepper-sprayed me.”

The cops then left, taking his cellphone with them. It was later returned by a spaza shop owner.

Thapelo Mokoena (32) claims the cops simply came into the yard and kicked the door down.

“They did not say what they were looking for. They just turned Ayanda’s room upside down and then left.

“I did not know Ayanda had confronted them when he returned from church, because the next thing they came dragging him into the room and began to beat him up.”

Ayanda claims his chest aches and he has to lie on his stomach every night as his whole body is in pain.

Sergeant Gerald Sedibe said Ayanda must go to the nearest police station and lodge a formal complaint with the commander and a case will be opened.

He said they will then take the matter forward and an investigation will be conducted against the cops.

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