Mandla Philemon Mokoena a 36-year-old police officer stands accused of killing Khanyi Mathebula and Getron Jabula Ndlovu in Tembisa in March 2014.

He allegedly shot them multiple times one night at about 11pm in Maokeng Section.


Mokoena pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder. He claims it was self defence. Moses Tumi Mpati who lived opposite a house where Mathebula lived said he heard screams at about 11:30pm.

He went to find out what was happening and found Mokoena trying to pull Mathebula while the landlord‚ Frida‚ tried to separate them.

“She stood behind sis Frida. She did not want to go to Mandla‚ she was frightened. She looked like she was crying and wanted to cry. I asked Mandla what the problem was. He said he found a room for her but she almost destroyed his marriage and was cheating on him. He pointed at a man who was sitting in a car and she was cheating with him‚” he said.

Mpati said he walked to the car and asked the man to leave and allow Mokoena and Mathebula to resolve their issues.

“He took time to leave. He said he can’t just leave her alone‚” he said

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