Mamelodi Taxi Stay Aways CAUSES CHAOS for Commuters. Commuters in Mamelodi were left stranded on Thursday morning as taxi drivers went on strike in protest against their taxis having been impounded.

“Because there are no taxis, it’s a problem. We are forced to go home. Today is just a disaster. There is nothing we can do,” said one commuter.


A woman said they felt like the taxi owners did not care about their customers.

“They need us in order for them to also pay their installments. They are being unfair because we also have to make money and support our families. Without us they don’t have money and they can’t keep up with their payments,” she said.

taxi rank

On Wednesday, police impounded more than 50 taxis in the area in a bid to stop violence against a new bus operator.

Taxi operators became violent last week when buses operated by Autopax were introduced to replace Putco’s service. Five people were injured when a Putco bus was shot at. Buses were also pelted with stones.

Mamelodi taxi operators maintained their impounded taxis had permits and had to be released.

Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association secretary Boni Nzishe said they wanted their vehicles back.

“The cars have valid documents, drivers have licences, the cars are roadworthy. The tickets that are issued are said to be for taxi conflict… what kind of charge is that? We want government to release our cars because they are legal cars.”

He said if the situation did not improve by Thursday afternoon, the stay away would be spread to the entire province. If nothing had happened by Monday, the strike would go countrywide.

“We call on our government to come to the table so that we can resolve the matter,” he said.

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