THE VOICES coming from underground, the gogo believed, belonged to the ancestors.

And they were promising her millions.


But the promises, like the voices, were just a cruel scam.


A resident from Soweto, Joburg told Daily Sun she was convinced that her life was about to change when she heard voices coming from under the animal skins spread on the floor of the zozo hut.

“I went to the prophet Mama Vivian in Mondeor, south of Joburg who told me to write down what I wanted,” said the gogo.
“She showed me a steel box that she said was full of money that would be mine.” The woman, aged 56, said her hopes were raised because when she was in the indumba consulting she could hear the voices of the ancestors.

“There was only me and Mama Vivian. But I could hear the voices,” she said. “I gave her my life savings and pension money of R850 000. The voices said I would get R5 million.”

But Mama Vivian has disappeared.  “I reported the matter to the police station who went to the house but they couldn’t find anyone,” she said.
Mondeor police officers said they were shocked to discover that under the carpet of animal skins there was a perfectly dug, deep hole.
An Indian couple also came from Mpumalanga looking for wealth but ended up losing R250 000.

The couple said they had visited a relative in Jozi when they saw Mama Vivian’s pamphlet and because they had financial problems, they decided to visit her for luck. When they went into the zozo, Mama Vivian allegedly tore open a bin bag with soil, animal skulls, shells, money tied up with a rag, and a male animal’s penis. They also heard the voices from under the ground.

“They told us the fathers were speaking and we needed to give her a further R3 200,” said the husband.

“We withdrew the money and gave it to her. She showed us a big blue metal box and let us feel inside. It felt like R100 notes in bundles.” They couldn’t know the prophet was a multilingual crook who could speak to anyone in any language.
“I gave her more money but then I became suspicious and went to the police,” he said.

The couple explained the voices coming from under the ground. On Friday, police lifted up the animal skins and found the hole. Mondeor police spokeswoman Constable Sibongile Mnguni confirmed that police are investigating a case of theft under false pretences. She said the case was the second to be investigated at the same house, where victims reported a bogus prophet.

“On both occasions, police could not find the suspect,” the constable said.

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