The controversial wife of Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba recently posted photos of herself in garments emblazoned with the name Mrs Gigabytes.

This sparked speculation about whether she was starting a clothing range or simply marking her territory. Her hubby has been dogged by infidelity claims.


Yesterday, Norma laughed off suggestions she was insecure about her marriage.

“Hehehe, insecure? Wow, what’s wrong with people?”

“Branding my clothes Mrs Gigabytes has nothing to do with my husband, it’s really just a coincidence. I did IT and I’m a specialist, and that’s where the name comes from, not because of my marriage.”



Neither is she venturing into fashion design.

“I’m not bored, I have a career. I did information technology and that’s where Mrs Gigabytes comes from. I was Mrs Gigabytes before I even got to meet Malusi.

“We laughed at how we’d become a terrabyte when together. The Mrs Gigabytes writing on my clothes is just a playful thing. People just want to talk and I won’t entertain them.”

Norma said her range was her way of bringing spark to the IT industry. “… it’s deemed to be a dull industry. I want to make IT fun and likable. People only know me now and they think it’s because of him (Malusi).

“To be honest with you, I really don’t care what people say or think. Those who knew me before my marriage understand this.

People will always be negative out there seeking an opportunity to dig a hole of negativity.”

Norma said her fashion sense was based on her mood, the environment and her personality.

“For me it depends on my meetings. If I go to formal meetings at work or I’m attending ANC formal meetings, I can’t wear colourful outfits because it comes across as if I’m being playful and not serious.




“With my clients or women empowerment sessions, I like my bright colours because they just bring about the vibe, the energy and my mood.”

Norma said her garments were designed by David Tlale and House of Ole.



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