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Malema calls for African Leaders to UNITE AGAINST ICC. EFF leader Julius Malema says African leaders must stand up and defend Sudanese President al Bashir from being arrested by the International Criminal Court.

His views come amid a furore relating to Sudanese President Omar al Bashir’s visit to South Africa. Malema says the ICC is only targeting African leaders. He was addressing delegates at the launch of the party’s student wing at the University of Limpopo’s Turfloop campus outside Polokwane.


Bashir is wanted by the ICC for alleged crimes against humanity and the Rome statute obliges signatories – of which South Africa is one to arrest him. However, African leaders are concerned that the ICC unfairly targets them and as such have decided not to support attempts by the ICC to arrest sitting Presidents.

“It can be that al Bashir is arrested by Africans to please imperialism. That should have ended with Ghaddafi. When is George Bush is going to be arrested when is Blair going to be arrested why is the ICC is not issuing a warrant of arrest against De Klerk the ICC is created for blacks only and not for the west.

We agree we do not want dictatorship and that is an African problem. Let if be addressed in an African solution.”

Meanwhile, the ANC says it is debating whether South Africa should remain a signatory to the Rome Statute that governs the functions and mandate of the International Criminal Court.
Chairperson of the ruling party’s International Relations Committee Obed Bapela was speaking on the sidelines of the AU Summit in Sandton.


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