The actress’ initiative, which is aimed at creating awareness against the abuse of women, has been commended by both celebrities and ordinary South Africans. The campaign has also inspired abuse victims to speak out.



However, it seems that no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, some people will always find a reason to be negative. Some people have taken to social media to ask why Thando used celebrities (including Denise Zimba, Manaka Ranakana, and Dineo Moeketsi) with make-up, instead or using real abuse victims, with real scars. They feel that the message would have be more powerful that way.

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I'm guttered. Vexed. Disappointed. Angry. @thando_thabethe started a campaign to contribute to the fight against women abuse. Hayi shem some ppl are so negative they'd criticize anything coz being silent or positive takes away 100 days of their lifespan. Mostly complaining that she shud have used women that have been abused for real. Don't u think that crossed her mind but she thought of how the same society will embarrass them worse than they have been embarrassed already. Have u been abused physically and sexually? If yes, WUD u publicly have yo face on social media to tell yo story? Not everyone can. And wat makes this even more sad is that all and I mean all the negative comments come from WOMEN. whilst the abuser is probably laughing coz his vile ways are being over shadowed by the back and forth negativity by his potential victims. Sies maan. For once can u stand together and agree on just this one thing. Nx

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