SHE grew up poor without any parents.

A relative took her in, but instead of receiving love she suffered abuse and ran away.


She ended up on Jozi’s tough streets where she started poking men to survive – but it also left her with two kids.

The 40-year-old magosha said she was just a mother who was trying to survive and needed help desperately.

mangoshaHer identity is being withheld to protect the rights of her children.

She told the People’s Paper of her battle to escape her life of misery.

She said she had tried her best to take care of her children but that she could no longer cope and would rather give them up for adoption.

“I grew up alone. Both my parents died when I was still very young. I was sent to go live with my aunt.

“She didn’t treat me well and abused me. She beat me and treated me like a slave, forcing me to clean the house while her kids sat and did nothing,” the woman said.

After years of abuse she ran away to try and support herself, but ended up on Joburg’s cold streets.

Soon she came to depend on men for survival. “I don’t know the father of my children. I am forced to sleep with men to support myself. I don’t like selling myself, but it’s the only option I have. What breaks my heart is that my children are being exposed to this.

“I really want a better life but I don’t know where to go,” she pleaded.

Social development spokesman Mbangwa Xaba who said they would send a social worker to evaluate the woman’s situation and see how to help her and her kids

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