Lucas declares his love for Maletsatsi – This Week on Scandal!, Gloria demands damages from Ndu and Anzani is suspicious of the events around her surprise wedding. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM

Lucas and Gloria and Anzani


Eddie is not convinced by his wife, Maletsatsi’s efforts to calm him, which only heightens his suspicion. Gloria makes a shocking discovery about Ndu and Gontse which leads to her making some harsh demands. Lerumo believes that a bit of downscaling will solve his problems and save him money.

Maletsatsi is tormented and confused when Lucas makes a surprising declaration. Gontse reaches out to her father, Abel for support which starts trouble in her home. Some strange behaviour in the newsroom arouses suspicions from Anzani.

Maletsatsi’s life becomes more and more complicated as she finds herself acting against her principles and beliefs. Abel has some advice for Ndumiso which is bound to infuriate Gloria. Lerumo is determined to mend bridges on behalf of Anzani.

A bitter confrontation between Eddie and Maletsatsi leads to them spending the night apart in anger. Gontse puts her foot down and issues instructions which will affect a lot of lives. Anzani agrees to do someone a favour but does not realise she’s being tricked.

Maletsatsi is shocked to realise that she may have been behaving inappropriately without realising it. Ndumiso believes he has done what was requested of him and is stunned when he finds out that it is still not good enough. Gloria reveals that she has a hidden agenda.



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